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P1C Bubble Competition

At the end of each school year we clear out and wash our trays so that they are ready for the children who will use our classroom next session. We had great fun this afternoon when we had a bubble blowing competition. We put some water and a little bit of detergent into our trays then we used straws to blow bubbles. Look at the fun we had:

P1C Fun at the Meadows

What a wonderful afternoon we had today!

Ms Anstruther organised three activities for us. We started out playing with our friends:

Then we took part in a mini football tournament:

We were tired after that, but we refuelled with ice lollies from Ms Anstruther and were soon ready for more fun.

Finally, we went to the play-park:

We all enjoyed a great day out!

P1C Art

This week we finished our Picasso-inspired pictures. I am SO proud of everyone in P1C for the SUPER effort they have put into these, I’m sure you will agree that they are fantastic!

Here they are:

P1C Art

We have been learning about Picasso. Yesterday we played ‘Roll a Picasso’ and today we added paint. Next week we will use pen and pastels to finish our pictures.

P1C Bean Still Growing!

The bean that we started in a jam jar has continued to grow. We transferred it to a pot of compost before the Easter holiday and it has grown taller and taller. Recently we noticed that it has grown a bean pod!

Our Local Area

We have been looking at features of our local area during our Welly Wednesday walks. We worked together to create a map of the area and added some of the photos we had taken when we were out walking.

We also made our own maps.

Sports Day – P1C

We had a wonderful time at our Sports Day and we were very lucky that the rain stayed off.

Ms Anstruther and Mrs Berry (PE Specialist) organised the events for us and we worked in teams, the red team, the yellow team, the blue team and the green team.

We started at Bowling where we had to roll balls to stop between two markers.

After that was the Skipping race:

Next came the Egg and Spoon race,

the Parachute Throw,

the Space-Hopper race,

the Relay race,

the Football Dribble,

the Hurdles,

and finally, the Sack race:

We had a GREAT time and enjoyed all of the events, but we were a wee bit tired when we got back to school!


This week we have been using the coin recognition skills we developed earlier this session to work out how to make a given amount (most of us are making amounts up to 20p). We have tried lots of different activities to help us practise and today we drew pictures of toys that we will use for a toy shop next week.

P.C. Fowler

This morning we had a visit from PC Fowler. She told us all about her uniform and the things she carries on her belt. (We were surprised to find that she carries a computer and a printer.) She even showed us how her handcuffs work. We asked her lots of questions.

PC Fowler had brought a police van with her. She put the flashing lights and the siren on for us! After that we were able to take a look in the back of the van.

It was a very exciting morning!

Eid al-Fitr

Today we learned about Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim celebration of breaking the fast of Ramadan. We looked at some mehndi patterns and learned that women and girls often use these to decorate their hands for festivals and celebrations. We had a go at creating some of our own designs and, because we have been learning about symmetry this week, we tried to add some symmetry to our designs.

Our New Board

We are all LOVING our new Promethean Board. During choosing time we like to use it for drawing. We can split it in half and have people drawing different pictures on both sides. We all know how to change the thickness and colour of the pen and we know how to rub out mistakes or quickly erase the whole picture. Here is one of the wonderful pictures from this afternoon along with the artist.

P1C Art – One Black Dot

This afternoon we all used our imagination. We started with one black dot:

One Black Dot

Then we thought about what our black dot might be part of, before adding the rest of the picture.

Look at our wonderful work:

P1C Beanstalks

Our beans have been growing!

We watched them grow strong roots then we watched the green shoots appear. Some of them are now growing out of our jars.

We are bringing them home today. Perhaps you could help us transplant them into soil so that they can grow even bigger?

We would enjoy looking at any photos you take as the beanstalks grow taller.

P1C Technology

This afternoon we tried to make tall towers like Rapunzel’s tower. We looked at pictures of some famous towers then worked in teams to build our own.

The tallest freestanding tower was made by Naomi, Nyigyal, Katie and Cara. Well done!

P1C Dragons

This week we have been thinking about the dragon. We have all worked together to create a class dragon, we have created our own individual dragon pictures, and we have written descriptions of the dragon. Here are some of our wonderful pictures:

P1C World Book Day

Many of us dressed up for World Book Day.

We made books of our own and then we watched Jenny Lucas read her book, ‘Chicken Legs’ Arroyo’,

Jenny Lucas reading ‘Chicken Legs’ Arroyo’
Chicken Legs

and Tom Percival read his book, ‘Ruby’s Worry’.

Tom Percival reading ‘Ruby’s Worry’
Ruby’s Worry

P1C Outdoor Learning

We have all been working together every day to make things better for the dragon who visited our classroom. So, when we went to the nature strip today, we made things to make him happy. Some of us made castles and towers, some made flowers for red riding hood and some of us made houses for the three little pigs. We hope the dragon likes the things we’ve made.

Outdoor Learning

When we went to the Nature Strip this afternoon we were thinking about Christmas.

Some of us pretended to sit in Santa’s sleigh.
Some of us made Christmas trees.
Some of us drew and decorated Christmas baubles hanging from branches.
Some of us became human Christmas trees!
We were delighted to find some holly with its lovely red berries (we had a picture of holly in our advent calendar yesterday).

P1C Christmas Party

We all enjoyed our party this afternoon. We played games in the classroom then we went outside for some outdoor play. When we came in from the playground we were delighted to find that Mrs Tariq had set out all of our party food nicely for us. We enjoyed listening to Christmas songs while we ate.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Last week we went for a walk and noticed many signs of Autumn. We were very impressed by the colours of the leaves, so this week we went over to the Meadows to collect fallen leaves. When we got back to school we sorted them into red, orange, yellow and green leaves, then we worked together to create a leaf rainbow.

The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen

This week P1C have been retelling the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have learned some Signalong signs to use with the story and we have all put super effort into learning them. A few of us have recorded very short videos to show you the signs, here they are…

LITTLE RED HEN: https://vimeo.com/463927752

FARM: https://vimeo.com/463961301

Lazy DOG: https://vimeo.com/463960368

Sleepy CAT: https://vimeo.com/463960567

Noisy DUCK: https://vimeo.com/463960854

SEEDS: https://vimeo.com/463961586

NOT I: https://vimeo.com/463961847

CUT: https://vimeo.com/463962236

WHEAT: https://vimeo.com/463962634

FLOUR: https://vimeo.com/463962634

BREAD: https://vimeo.com/463963226

EAT: https://vimeo.com/463963557

I WILL: https://vimeo.com/463963930