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Art Showcase Joy!

What an absolute joy it was to watch the children share their learning with their families this morning. Their faces said it all! Thank you to everyone who came and joined in. The children did a fabulous job performing, teaching, presenting and discussing all their Elements of Art learning.

What a special and memorable morning!

Clay Creations

This week’s Elements of Art focus has been form. The children used clay to create a variety of different things, from pots to bowls and decorative tiles and coasters.

We started by heading out to the nature strip to collect some interesting leaves to imprint into the clay. Some of us decided to use the modelling tools to add other textures.

They were finally dried out this morning and we all enjoyed a relaxing morning painting and varnishing our designs. Lots of and proud faces!

Elements of Art: texture

This week’s focus in our Art topic is texture. We took the learning outdoors and went on a scavenger hunt to find different textures in the nature strip. We used words like bumpy, lumpy, smooth, hard, soft and crunchy to describe what we found. We used the ipads to take photographs of our findings and shared our results back in the classroom. Tomorrow’s learning will be how to create the look of different textures when sketching.

Elements of Art in full swing!

Our Elements of Art topic is in full swing now. So far the class have explored colour, looking at the work of a range of artists including Yayoi Kusama and Steven Brown.

This week we have already made a start to our learning about line. The children worked collaboratively to mark out as many different types of lines as they could on large posters. Then then used these ideas to create their own individual ‘Bad Hair Day’ art.

We have also been lucky enough to welcome a former Scottish Champion Ballroom dancer into school to work with the children. Everyone enjoyed learning the first few steps of the waltz and can’t wait to learn more next week!

Bake Sale Success!

Rengim and her friends were delighted to share the total raised from last week’s bake sale at assembly today. An amazing £500! What a super total and for such an important cause. Fantastic effect from all those that organised, baked and bought!

Angles, Position, Movement and Coordinates

We have spend the past few weeks looking at directional language, angles and coordinates.

Today we embraced the chilly weather and went out into the playground for maths.

We moved round 3 stations. One was using our own ‘angle eaters’ to find as many right angles as we could. Station 2 involved blindfolding a partner and using directional language to guide them through a path we made from cones. Finally, station 3 was all about coordinates. Working in small groups to design a coordinates grid and then giving each other a set of coordinates to mark the bean bags.

A busy morning where the children were able to really show off their new knowledge!

Bake sale prep!

Some of our lovely p3s have decided to organise a bake sale to raise money for the awful earthquake in Turkey. They have worked collaboratively to design posters and some spoke at assemblies today to get the word out there!

The bake sale will be held next Friday, 3rd of March, at 12:10 in the playground. Come along to buy some tasty treats and raise money for an important cause!

Amazing Scottish Islands

To showcase the knowledge and understanding gained during our Scottish Islands topic, the children have been busily creating their very own islands.

They had to use their knowledge of landscape, industry and population to design the islands. They also had the added challenge of sticking to a budget. Only able to choose certain items and having to prioritise which would be most beneficial to the islanders.

After designing their islands, the class enjoying having a look at each others designs, leaving feedback on the star post-it’s.

We hope you enjoy having a wee look at some of our designs!

Art Critics

As part of our Scotland topic we’ve been looking at the Scottish artist John Bellany.

Everyone worked really hard to create some stunning harbour pictures using paint and oil pastels.

We then took a ‘trip’ to the p3A art gallery were we enjoyed appreciating everyone’s beautiful and individual art work.

As art critics we were able to write down some comments about one another’s art. We wrote specific things we liked about the pictures as well as how they made us feel.

Ceilidh Fun!

We have been enjoying learning a variety of Scottish country dances as part of our Scotland focus this term. To celebrate the end of this block of learning, we enjoyed a wee ceilidh this morning.

The children worked brilliantly in their partnerships, danced in time to the music and we even showed off our Virginia Reel dance to p3B at the end of our ceilidh.

Then it was back to the classroom for some shortbread, yum!

Brilliant Budgeting

Today we were combining our recent work on Toys and Money. Pupils worked collaboratively in pairs to research the best gifts to buy for different characters. They had to take into consideration the age of the character and had to stick to a set budget.

They also developed their tech skills by navigating their way around, and filtering the website.

Super teamwork and excellent budgeting, well done 3A!

Creating Yoga Sequences

We’ve been enjoying a block of yoga in p3 this term. We have been focusing on our breathing and making the yoga poses flow into one another.

This week the children worked hard in small groups to create their own short yoga sequences which they then presented to the rest of the class.

I was really impressed with the creativity and team work skills shown by everyone.

Perfect start to our Toys topic!

We had a brilliant afternoon in 3A today. We started our new Toys topic off with an afternoon of play.

Many people kindly brought in a toy from home. It was lovely to see people playing so collaboratively and enjoying sharing each others toys.

I had a brilliant time and enjoying being introduced to lots of new toys too!

Excellent Enterprising

A big well done to Ben, Ossian and Munro for working together to raise money for the recent floods in Pakistan.

The budding artists decided to make and sell their own drawings to raise money. They worked collaboratively and organised the sale independently and by the time I made it over everything had sold!

Well done for such good team work, looking forward to finding out the total you raised on Monday.

Marvellous Maths

We like to keep things active and hands on in p3 when it comes to maths. Here is a wee snap shot of what a typical numeracy looks like for us.

We split the lesson into 3 stations. Station 1 is with the teacher learning new skills and showing our understanding.

Station 2 is usually a follow-up or consolidation task. Today we completed a Number of the Day task in our jotters. This is a good way for us to apply lots of our number knowledge.

Station 3 changes daily. Sometimes there are targets activities or games and other days itsba free play Station. Today we worked collaboratively in our maths groups on targeted tasks linked to the learning done on the carpet.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into what a maths lesson looks like for us!

Learning about Food Miles

We are nearly at the end of our Food and Farming topic and today we were learning about Food Miles.

We worked in groups to investigate Food labels to discover where they were grown. We then used the food miles calculator to see how far the food had travelled to reach us here in Scotland.

It allowed us to see how the foods we eat can have an impact on out environment. Lots of great discussions and team work, well done p3!

Fantastic Foodbank Appeal

Well done to our super p3 team. You all worked so hard communicating information to all the Sciennes families, presenting in front of classes and at assemblies and collecting, sorting and organising the items ready for pick up today.

The staff from the Foodbank project were super impressed and grateful for all your efforts!

Thank you to all the families who contributed, we really appreciate it!

Fitness Skills

In p3 we have been enjoying tracking and developing our fitness skills in P.E. We’ve been working our way round different activities and tracking how we improve on a weekly basis. Some excellent core strength, balance and coordination skills on show this week!

Brilliant Bread Bakers!

As part of our Food and Farming project we enjoyed making bread this week. We were surprised to learn we could make bread out of just 2 ingredients. Great sharing and team work from everyone!