Author: Miss Rogerson

P1 End of Year

We finished the year with lots of fun and laughter. We had to tidy out our trays yesterday and got to blow lots of bubbles in the soapy water to help get them nice and clean!

We had a class party this morning to celebrate the end of year. We played musical statues and musical bumps before trying to keep the balloons off the ground while showing off our dance moves. It was a brilliant end to the year. Have a great summer P1A and P1B!

P1B artists

We learned about the artist Pablo Picasso and looked at some of his artwork. We liked the shapes and colours he used in his paintings. We created our own ‘Picasso faces’ in the style of cubism. Have a look at our paintings:

We also got to experiment with some printing and created colourful abstract pieces of art. We started off by adding lots of paint to the background in various colours. Then, we used different tools to create different patterns in the paint. Once our backgrounds were dry, we used some rollers, lego and shapes to print onto our paintings. Mrs Anstruther loved our abstract prints so much she is going to display them in the school for everyone to see!

P1B play

We have lots of opportunities to play in primary 1. It gives us the chance to create, use our imagination, share and take turns with others. Here’s a snapshot of some of our play this year.

P1B sports fun

To celebrate the Euros tournament we have had a football focus in P.E. We were really lucky to have some football skills sessions with P.E. student Miss Dobie in the hall during May. We practised dribbling around cones and through tunnels, trapping the ball, and passing the ball to our partners.

We continued practising these skills outside in the playground and even tried some football rounders in P.E. too.

We loved cheering on Scotland in their first game in the Euros competition too! Some of us wore our Scotland gear and we made some flags as well.

We had an amazing afternoon of Football fun in the Meadows last week. It was a lovely sunny day and Mrs Anstruther organised three activities for us to try. First, we had lots of fun in the play park!

Next, we had some free play with footballs, frisbees, the parachute and lots of other sports equipment with Mrs Anstruther. Then we got to cool down with some yummy ice lollies before we had our football tournament with Mr Armstrong.

As well as having lots of football fun this term, we had two tennis taster sessions with Alex at the Meadows too. We walked to the tennis courts and played some games with our partners to practise throwing, catching and hitting the ball.

P1B numeracy work

We spent the last few weeks in numeracy focussing on grouping and sharing. We created equal groups using different materials and learned to describe how many groups there were, how many items were in each group and then added up how many items there were altogether.

We looked at sharing items equally too. We had lots of fun sharing pom poms between the teddy bears, making sure they each got the same amount. Some of us chose to try the challenge to write number sums using the multiplication and division sign!

P1B outdoor learning

P1B Sports Day

On Thursday 20th May we had our first ever sports day at Sciennes. The weather stayed dry for us and we had lots of fun doing all of the activities in our coloured teams. We started with hurdles, then we had lots of fun trying out the sack race for the first time. Our next activities were bowls, skipping race, egg and spoon and we showed off our throwing skill with the parachute throw. We loved the spacehopper race! Finally, we used our football skills to finish off our sports day with the football dribble race. We had a great morning!

Primary One so far…

We have been busy bees in P1A/B this year. We have been learning about lots of different topics and have had fun in the process! Have a look at some of the things we have been up to in Primary One.

Our learning in maths/ numeracy is always hands-on and active. We have been practising our counting, doubles, recognising numbers and learning about money, telling time and shape.

We like getting to choose literacy activities to help learn our sounds and tricky words. We have been working hard at our rainbow boards and writing letters with our teachers.

We start our week off with some relaxing yoga in the hall on Monday morning. We have been mastering our yoga poses and our balance is improving every week.

We love our P.E. outside in the playground when the weather is nice. We having been learning how to move in different ways and are becoming very confident at skipping. Our favourite games to play are volcanoes and craters, traffic lights and Mr Men.

When we can, we take our learning outdoors. We go out every week on ‘Welly Wednesday’ for some Outdoor Learning in the nature strip/meadows but we like to to use the playground on other days when the weather is good too. We’ve made pictures out of natural materials, gathered autumn leaves, practised counting and doubles with sticks, made owl nests and much much more!