Month: February 2023

Angles, Position, Movement and Coordinates

We have spend the past few weeks looking at directional language, angles and coordinates.

Today we embraced the chilly weather and went out into the playground for maths.

We moved round 3 stations. One was using our own ‘angle eaters’ to find as many right angles as we could. Station 2 involved blindfolding a partner and using directional language to guide them through a path we made from cones. Finally, station 3 was all about coordinates. Working in small groups to design a coordinates grid and then giving each other a set of coordinates to mark the bean bags.

A busy morning where the children were able to really show off their new knowledge!

Bake sale prep!

Some of our lovely p3s have decided to organise a bake sale to raise money for the awful earthquake in Turkey. They have worked collaboratively to design posters and some spoke at assemblies today to get the word out there!

The bake sale will be held next Friday, 3rd of March, at 12:10 in the playground. Come along to buy some tasty treats and raise money for an important cause!

Amazing Scottish Islands

To showcase the knowledge and understanding gained during our Scottish Islands topic, the children have been busily creating their very own islands.

They had to use their knowledge of landscape, industry and population to design the islands. They also had the added challenge of sticking to a budget. Only able to choose certain items and having to prioritise which would be most beneficial to the islanders.

After designing their islands, the class enjoying having a look at each others designs, leaving feedback on the star post-it’s.

We hope you enjoy having a wee look at some of our designs!

Art Critics

As part of our Scotland topic we’ve been looking at the Scottish artist John Bellany.

Everyone worked really hard to create some stunning harbour pictures using paint and oil pastels.

We then took a ‘trip’ to the p3A art gallery were we enjoyed appreciating everyone’s beautiful and individual art work.

As art critics we were able to write down some comments about one another’s art. We wrote specific things we liked about the pictures as well as how they made us feel.