Month: May 2021

Our community

P1a and p1b have had a great time this week learning about our local community. We took a walk to look at some of the services and shops in our local area. We also made giant models of a fire station, police station and hospital, complete with emergency vehicles. We have had lots of fun playing with them.

Sports Day – P1C

We had a wonderful time at our Sports Day and we were very lucky that the rain stayed off.

Ms Anstruther and Mrs Berry (PE Specialist) organised the events for us and we worked in teams, the red team, the yellow team, the blue team and the green team.

We started at Bowling where we had to roll balls to stop between two markers.

After that was the Skipping race:

Next came the Egg and Spoon race,

the Parachute Throw,

the Space-Hopper race,

the Relay race,

the Football Dribble,

the Hurdles,

and finally, the Sack race:

We had a GREAT time and enjoyed all of the events, but we were a wee bit tired when we got back to school!


This week we have been using the coin recognition skills we developed earlier this session to work out how to make a given amount (most of us are making amounts up to 20p). We have tried lots of different activities to help us practise and today we drew pictures of toys that we will use for a toy shop next week.

P.C. Fowler

This morning we had a visit from PC Fowler. She told us all about her uniform and the things she carries on her belt. (We were surprised to find that she carries a computer and a printer.) She even showed us how her handcuffs work. We asked her lots of questions.

PC Fowler had brought a police van with her. She put the flashing lights and the siren on for us! After that we were able to take a look in the back of the van.

It was a very exciting morning!

Police visit

We had a very exciting day in primary 1a today as PC Fowler came to chat to us about the role of a Police Officer. She told us about all the different parts of her uniform and we asked lots of great questions.

Her 2 colleagues also brought along a police van for us to see. We liked it when they put on the siren and lights. We drew pictures of what we thought a police officer looks like yesterday and then drew one today to show what PC Fowler actually looked like.

Eid al-Fitr

Today we learned about Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim celebration of breaking the fast of Ramadan. We looked at some mehndi patterns and learned that women and girls often use these to decorate their hands for festivals and celebrations. We had a go at creating some of our own designs and, because we have been learning about symmetry this week, we tried to add some symmetry to our designs.

Our New Board

We are all LOVING our new Promethean Board. During choosing time we like to use it for drawing. We can split it in half and have people drawing different pictures on both sides. We all know how to change the thickness and colour of the pen and we know how to rub out mistakes or quickly erase the whole picture. Here is one of the wonderful pictures from this afternoon along with the artist.