Month: March 2021

P1C Beanstalks

Our beans have been growing!

We watched them grow strong roots then we watched the green shoots appear. Some of them are now growing out of our jars.

We are bringing them home today. Perhaps you could help us transplant them into soil so that they can grow even bigger?

We would enjoy looking at any photos you take as the beanstalks grow taller.

P1C Technology

This afternoon we tried to make tall towers like Rapunzel’s tower. We looked at pictures of some famous towers then worked in teams to build our own.

The tallest freestanding tower was made by Naomi, Nyigyal, Katie and Cara. Well done!

P1C Dragons

This week we have been thinking about the dragon. We have all worked together to create a class dragon, we have created our own individual dragon pictures, and we have written descriptions of the dragon. Here are some of our wonderful pictures:

P1C World Book Day

Many of us dressed up for World Book Day.

We made books of our own and then we watched Jenny Lucas read her book, ‘Chicken Legs’ Arroyo’,

Jenny Lucas reading ‘Chicken Legs’ Arroyo’
Chicken Legs

and Tom Percival read his book, ‘Ruby’s Worry’.

Tom Percival reading ‘Ruby’s Worry’
Ruby’s Worry

P1C Outdoor Learning

We have all been working together every day to make things better for the dragon who visited our classroom. So, when we went to the nature strip today, we made things to make him happy. Some of us made castles and towers, some made flowers for red riding hood and some of us made houses for the three little pigs. We hope the dragon likes the things we’ve made.