Ceilidh Fun!

We have been enjoying learning a variety of Scottish country dances as part of our Scotland focus this term. To celebrate the end of this block of learning, we enjoyed a wee ceilidh this morning.

The children worked brilliantly in their partnerships, danced in time to the music and we even showed off our Virginia Reel dance to p3B at the end of our ceilidh.

Then it was back to the classroom for some shortbread, yum!

Brilliant Budgeting

Today we were combining our recent work on Toys and Money. Pupils worked collaboratively in pairs to research the best gifts to buy for different characters. They had to take into consideration the age of the character and had to stick to a set budget.

They also developed their tech skills by navigating their way around, and filtering the website.

Super teamwork and excellent budgeting, well done 3A!

Toy shop

To round off our ‘Toys’ topic carried over from last term, today children in P3A worked together to create their own toy shop in the classroom. The children discussed and planned what a shop needed, the things they would need to make to sell and how it should look. Lots of thought went into how to help the role play come alive with ideas of name badges for the shop keepers, scarves and hats for the customers coming into the shop and even gift cards to purchase! There was great delight when all the elements came together and the shop was ready to open, even complete with a security team – see if you can spot them in the photos! The children loved calculating how much money to spend and how much change to give, connecting up maths and the toys topic.

Creating Yoga Sequences

We’ve been enjoying a block of yoga in p3 this term. We have been focusing on our breathing and making the yoga poses flow into one another.

This week the children worked hard in small groups to create their own short yoga sequences which they then presented to the rest of the class.

I was really impressed with the creativity and team work skills shown by everyone.

Perfect start to our Toys topic!

We had a brilliant afternoon in 3A today. We started our new Toys topic off with an afternoon of play.

Many people kindly brought in a toy from home. It was lovely to see people playing so collaboratively and enjoying sharing each others toys.

I had a brilliant time and enjoying being introduced to lots of new toys too!

Excellent Enterprising

A big well done to Ben, Ossian and Munro for working together to raise money for the recent floods in Pakistan.

The budding artists decided to make and sell their own drawings to raise money. They worked collaboratively and organised the sale independently and by the time I made it over everything had sold!

Well done for such good team work, looking forward to finding out the total you raised on Monday.

Marvellous Maths

We like to keep things active and hands on in p3 when it comes to maths. Here is a wee snap shot of what a typical numeracy looks like for us.

We split the lesson into 3 stations. Station 1 is with the teacher learning new skills and showing our understanding.

Station 2 is usually a follow-up or consolidation task. Today we completed a Number of the Day task in our jotters. This is a good way for us to apply lots of our number knowledge.

Station 3 changes daily. Sometimes there are targets activities or games and other days itsba free play Station. Today we worked collaboratively in our maths groups on targeted tasks linked to the learning done on the carpet.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into what a maths lesson looks like for us!

Learning about Food Miles

We are nearly at the end of our Food and Farming topic and today we were learning about Food Miles.

We worked in groups to investigate Food labels to discover where they were grown. We then used the food miles calculator to see how far the food had travelled to reach us here in Scotland.

It allowed us to see how the foods we eat can have an impact on out environment. Lots of great discussions and team work, well done p3!

Fantastic Foodbank Appeal

Well done to our super p3 team. You all worked so hard communicating information to all the Sciennes families, presenting in front of classes and at assemblies and collecting, sorting and organising the items ready for pick up today.

The staff from the Foodbank project were super impressed and grateful for all your efforts!

Thank you to all the families who contributed, we really appreciate it!

Fitness Skills

In p3 we have been enjoying tracking and developing our fitness skills in P.E. We’ve been working our way round different activities and tracking how we improve on a weekly basis. Some excellent core strength, balance and coordination skills on show this week!

Brilliant Bread Bakers!

As part of our Food and Farming project we enjoyed making bread this week. We were surprised to learn we could make bread out of just 2 ingredients. Great sharing and team work from everyone!

Foodbank Appeal

Dear families,

Here is a message from our P3 pupils:

P3 is doing a Collection for Foodbank with the Edinburgh food project. We are needing you to bring in canned food and food with a long life such as dried pasta, rice, cereal. Please bring in any Donations that you can Before Friday 14th of October. Please can you bring it to your classroom and P3 will collect it from you.

Thank you for your support of our enterprise project 😀

P2B animal classification

We have been learning to classify animals into different groups. We sorted lots of different seashore animals into vertebrates and invertebrates. We can put animals in the correct group and we can explain our choice. Here are some examples of our independent work.

P2A and P2B symmetry

We have been enjoying learning about symmetry in P2. We understand what a line of symmetry is and can create our own symmetrical designs…. Some of us are already learning to make patterns with 2 lines of symmetry. We have worked hard and had lots of fun!

P2B play-based learning

P2 had an exciting morning today as the classes rotated round clockwise and visited a different p2 classroom. P2B had the chance to experience the different play opportunities in Mrs Walker’s room and really enjoyed our morning. We have been developing our story telling, writing, data-handling, construction skills and creative skills through our play.

P2B play-based learning

P2 had an exciting morning today as the classes rotated round clockwise and visited a different p2 classroom. P2B had the chance to experience the different play opportunities in Mrs Walker’s room and really enjoyed our morning. We have been developing our story telling, writing, data-handling, construction skills and creative skills through our play.

P2B numeracy

P2B have been working hard on the early skills for multiplication and division. Today we had a warm-up song counting in 3s and then a variety of small group and practical tasks to help build our understanding of grouping and sharing. We are very good at working together and supporting and challenging each other in our learning. We can create equal groups, describe these groups and say how many items in total, using skip-counting, doubles and repeated addition to help us.

P2B seashore fun!

We are very excited about our new topic ‘The Seashore’. We enjoyed reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ this week and creating art work and story maps. Today we had a morning of play focussed around our learning from this week. We had a a great time and showed some really independent learning.

P2B multiplication and division

P2B continue to work hard on the early skills for multiplication and division. This week we are building and describing arrays and using arrays as a strategy to solve word problems. We have enjoyed lots of opportunities for active learning and are great at supporting our peers in their learning.

P2C Victorian Topic

P2C are really enjoying learning about the Victorians. Before the holiday we were learning about Queen Victoria and her life. We made comparisons between objects from then and now. This week we have been investigating some important inventions from the Victorian era and thinking about how they have impacted our lives today, for example, the telephone and the postage stamp. We have been inspired by the Victorians and today we started to think about what we would invent if we were inventors. We put on our inventor hats and have come up with some great ideas. Later this week we will create models of our inventions. Thank you for all your junk donations so far.

P2b Victorian Inventions

Primary 2 are learning about important inventions from Victorian times which have had an impact on modern day life. Today we learned about Alexander Graham Bell and made our own telephones using paper cups and string. We had lots of fun testing them out! We also learned about Samuel Morse, who invented the telegraph system and Morse code. We wrote our names and a short message for a friend to decode.

Victorian school tour P2B

P2B had a very exciting afternoon today. As part of our Victorians topic, Mr Scott took us on a tour round the school to look at some features that have been here since the school was build in 1892. We got to see the old boiler room, which would have stored a large pile of coal to stock all the fireplaces around the school. We also saw the swimming pool and the attic and spotted where the original girls and boys entrance doors would have been. It was very interesting and we enjoyed seeing areas of the school that we do not normally have access to. Thank you Mr Scott!

P2A measure

We have been learning about measure over the last few weeks. We have been learning to use mathematical language to compare items, e.g. heavier, lighter, shorter, taller, greatest, least, we have been measuring items using non-standard units of measurement such as cubes as well as having an introduction to standard measuring tools. We have been so interested and have engaged really well in every lesson.

P2b Numeracy

P2b are still working hard, even in their Christmas jumpers! Today we were consolidating our understanding of place value by playing mini board games and making numbers with materials. We are showing that we can understand how numbers are built using hundreds, tens and ones and that we can identify the value of each digit.

P2C So far…

Primary 2C have had a wonderful term so far and wanted to share some of their learning with you. Some of the learning so far included creating our own imaginary street, families and houses as part of the street topic. The Mayor of Sciennes opened our wonderful Sparkle Café and then there was a mysterious break-in the following week. We looked at the evidence we had and wrote a newspaper article telling the residents of Sparkle Street. We have also been practising our counting on and back, sequencing and grouping and sharing. In literacy we have been working on our sounds, spelling, reading and writing. P2 made their own 3D moving models to show what they would like to do with the road space if it was closed. P2 have worked incredibly hard, shown resilience and a can-do attitude to each task. A big well done P2C, now it is time to enjoy the October break with your families and friends. Thank you to all the families for your continued support. Have a relaxing well-deserved break.

Greenspace p2b

P2B have been working to create a greenspace for the members of their Nature Street Community. We talked about how we needed to meet the needs of different groups of people. We worked in small groups to draw a design for our space and then made a 3D model. We used problem solving skills, team work and lots of creativity. We are really pleased with our designs.

I can design and construct models and explain my solutions.TCH 1-09a

Wonderful Work

P2A are fantastic learners. The class wanted to share some examples of their wonderful work to date. We hope you enjoy what you see! 📝

Number bonds
Our wonderful number bond clouds
Colour Monster Daily Check In
Love Lane
Our class charter
Number work

P2b ‘Nature Street’

P2b have been very busy learning about all the people and places that make up our local community. They have made their own fictional street and have made houses and families for it. They have been learning about the needs of people in the community and developing their mapping skills. Tomorrow will be an exciting day as it marks the opening of ‘The Nature Street Cafe’. The children have worked so hard to make food and menus and have been learning about the roles involved in running a small business.

P2 Curriculum Presentation and Overview

P2 Curriculum Presentation and Overview

Due to current restrictions, we have been unable to invite you to Curriculum Evenings in school this term.  However, teachers have worked together to prepare the online presentation below. We hope this will give you an insight into what learning looks like at Sciennes for your child.


Please also find attached a Class Overview, ‘P2 Learns’

P1 End of Year

We finished the year with lots of fun and laughter. We had to tidy out our trays yesterday and got to blow lots of bubbles in the soapy water to help get them nice and clean!

We had a class party this morning to celebrate the end of year. We played musical statues and musical bumps before trying to keep the balloons off the ground while showing off our dance moves. It was a brilliant end to the year. Have a great summer P1A and P1B!

P1B artists

We learned about the artist Pablo Picasso and looked at some of his artwork. We liked the shapes and colours he used in his paintings. We created our own ‘Picasso faces’ in the style of cubism. Have a look at our paintings:

We also got to experiment with some printing and created colourful abstract pieces of art. We started off by adding lots of paint to the background in various colours. Then, we used different tools to create different patterns in the paint. Once our backgrounds were dry, we used some rollers, lego and shapes to print onto our paintings. Mrs Anstruther loved our abstract prints so much she is going to display them in the school for everyone to see!

P1B play

We have lots of opportunities to play in primary 1. It gives us the chance to create, use our imagination, share and take turns with others. Here’s a snapshot of some of our play this year.

P1B sports fun

To celebrate the Euros tournament we have had a football focus in P.E. We were really lucky to have some football skills sessions with P.E. student Miss Dobie in the hall during May. We practised dribbling around cones and through tunnels, trapping the ball, and passing the ball to our partners.

We continued practising these skills outside in the playground and even tried some football rounders in P.E. too.

We loved cheering on Scotland in their first game in the Euros competition too! Some of us wore our Scotland gear and we made some flags as well.

We had an amazing afternoon of Football fun in the Meadows last week. It was a lovely sunny day and Mrs Anstruther organised three activities for us to try. First, we had lots of fun in the play park!

Next, we had some free play with footballs, frisbees, the parachute and lots of other sports equipment with Mrs Anstruther. Then we got to cool down with some yummy ice lollies before we had our football tournament with Mr Armstrong.

As well as having lots of football fun this term, we had two tennis taster sessions with Alex at the Meadows too. We walked to the tennis courts and played some games with our partners to practise throwing, catching and hitting the ball.

P1B numeracy work

We spent the last few weeks in numeracy focussing on grouping and sharing. We created equal groups using different materials and learned to describe how many groups there were, how many items were in each group and then added up how many items there were altogether.

We looked at sharing items equally too. We had lots of fun sharing pom poms between the teddy bears, making sure they each got the same amount. Some of us chose to try the challenge to write number sums using the multiplication and division sign!

P1C Bubble Competition

At the end of each school year we clear out and wash our trays so that they are ready for the children who will use our classroom next session. We had great fun this afternoon when we had a bubble blowing competition. We put some water and a little bit of detergent into our trays then we used straws to blow bubbles. Look at the fun we had:

P1C Fun at the Meadows

What a wonderful afternoon we had today!

Ms Anstruther organised three activities for us. We started out playing with our friends:

Then we took part in a mini football tournament:

We were tired after that, but we refuelled with ice lollies from Ms Anstruther and were soon ready for more fun.

Finally, we went to the play-park:

We all enjoyed a great day out!

P1 fun afternoon!

P1A loved our afternoon at the meadows today. We played games, had fun at the playpark, had a mini football match and ate yummy ice lollies to cool us down! We loved the opportunity to play with all our friends and be out in the sunshine!

P1C Art

This week we finished our Picasso-inspired pictures. I am SO proud of everyone in P1C for the SUPER effort they have put into these, I’m sure you will agree that they are fantastic!

Here they are:

Euro 2020 (in 2021!)

We have been getting into the Euro spirit in primary 1A. We learned where Scotland is on the map of Europe and also marked all the different European countries that are represented in our class (although not all are competing). We have also enjoyed trying to identify the flags that Ms Anstruther put up in the corridors for us. Each class in school has a country to make a ‘Top Trumps’ style card for. We picked Scotland out of the hat, which was easy as we already know lots about Scotland! This afternoon we all sat down to watch the start of the Scotland v. Czech Republic game.

P1C Art

We have been learning about Picasso. Yesterday we played ‘Roll a Picasso’ and today we added paint. Next week we will use pen and pastels to finish our pictures.

P1C Bean Still Growing!

The bean that we started in a jam jar has continued to grow. We transferred it to a pot of compost before the Easter holiday and it has grown taller and taller. Recently we noticed that it has grown a bean pod!

P1B outdoor learning

P1B Sports Day

On Thursday 20th May we had our first ever sports day at Sciennes. The weather stayed dry for us and we had lots of fun doing all of the activities in our coloured teams. We started with hurdles, then we had lots of fun trying out the sack race for the first time. Our next activities were bowls, skipping race, egg and spoon and we showed off our throwing skill with the parachute throw. We loved the spacehopper race! Finally, we used our football skills to finish off our sports day with the football dribble race. We had a great morning!

Our Local Area

We have been looking at features of our local area during our Welly Wednesday walks. We worked together to create a map of the area and added some of the photos we had taken when we were out walking.

We also made our own maps.

Our community

P1a and p1b have had a great time this week learning about our local community. We took a walk to look at some of the services and shops in our local area. We also made giant models of a fire station, police station and hospital, complete with emergency vehicles. We have had lots of fun playing with them.

Sports Day – P1C

We had a wonderful time at our Sports Day and we were very lucky that the rain stayed off.

Ms Anstruther and Mrs Berry (PE Specialist) organised the events for us and we worked in teams, the red team, the yellow team, the blue team and the green team.

We started at Bowling where we had to roll balls to stop between two markers.

After that was the Skipping race:

Next came the Egg and Spoon race,