P1C Beanstalks

Our beans have been growing!

We watched them grow strong roots then we watched the green shoots appear. Some of them are now growing out of our jars.

We are bringing them home today. Perhaps you could help us transplant them into soil so that they can grow even bigger?

We would enjoy looking at any photos you take as the beanstalks grow taller.

P1C Technology

This afternoon we tried to make tall towers like Rapunzel’s tower. We looked at pictures of some famous towers then worked in teams to build our own.

The tallest freestanding tower was made by Naomi, Nyigyal, Katie and Cara. Well done!

P1C Dragons

This week we have been thinking about the dragon. We have all worked together to create a class dragon, we have created our own individual dragon pictures, and we have written descriptions of the dragon. Here are some of our wonderful pictures:

P1C World Book Day

Many of us dressed up for World Book Day.

We made books of our own and then we watched Jenny Lucas read her book, ‘Chicken Legs’ Arroyo’,

Jenny Lucas reading ‘Chicken Legs’ Arroyo’
Chicken Legs

and Tom Percival read his book, ‘Ruby’s Worry’.

Tom Percival reading ‘Ruby’s Worry’
Ruby’s Worry

P1C Outdoor Learning

We have all been working together every day to make things better for the dragon who visited our classroom. So, when we went to the nature strip today, we made things to make him happy. Some of us made castles and towers, some made flowers for red riding hood and some of us made houses for the three little pigs. We hope the dragon likes the things we’ve made.

Online Learning in P1

Online Learning in P1


P1-3 will continue to use SeeSaw for online learning. It would be helpful if you could let us know in school hours as soon as possible if you are having trouble accessing SeeSaw.

We would also like to move towards providing opportunities for P1-3 children to interact with staff online via Microsoft Teams. We issued passwords before the holiday and will spend week beginning 11th January supporting families to get their accounts operational. We aim to begin hosting some live check-in times with the P1-3 pupils –at pre-arranged times in the week– from 18 January using Microsoft Teams’ two-way video functionality.


There is a link to Teams on the right hand side of this Class Page where you can log in directly using your child’s username 123456 and password.


Google ‘o365’ (for Office 365)
enter your child’s email address 123456@ea.edin.sch.uk
then enter username and password

Primary One so far…

We have been busy bees in P1A/B this year. We have been learning about lots of different topics and have had fun in the process! Have a look at some of the things we have been up to in Primary One.

Our learning in maths/ numeracy is always hands-on and active. We have been practising our counting, doubles, recognising numbers and learning about money, telling time and shape.

We like getting to choose literacy activities to help learn our sounds and tricky words. We have been working hard at our rainbow boards and writing letters with our teachers.

We start our week off with some relaxing yoga in the hall on Monday morning. We have been mastering our yoga poses and our balance is improving every week.

We love our P.E. outside in the playground when the weather is nice. We having been learning how to move in different ways and are becoming very confident at skipping. Our favourite games to play are volcanoes and craters, traffic lights and Mr Men.

When we can, we take our learning outdoors. We go out every week on ‘Welly Wednesday’ for some Outdoor Learning in the nature strip/meadows but we like to to use the playground on other days when the weather is good too. We’ve made pictures out of natural materials, gathered autumn leaves, practised counting and doubles with sticks, made owl nests and much much more!

P1a & p1b Christmas Party

Not even a global pandemic could stop P1a and P1b having a fantastic time at their Christmas party . We had non-stop fun all afternoon on Tuesday. We played pin the nose on Rudolph, knock down the snowmen, snowball toss, balloon tennis and bean-bag buckets. We enjoyed our party snack and then got ready for more fun with our very own ‘Do you want to build a Snowman?’. Even the teachers got to have lots of fun testing the activities out before hand!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

P1a and p1b were set a challenge today. Our teachers asked us to create our own winter village. We talked about what things we might want to include and then got to work. We made a train track, houses, trees and even Santa’s sleigh. Our teachers were so proud of how well we worked together. We shared all the resources so nicely and moved around the area really carefully so as not to knock over anyone’s creations. Mr Hunter came to see our wonderful winter wonderland when we had finished and he was so impressed too!

Outdoor Learning

When we went to the Nature Strip this afternoon we were thinking about Christmas.

Some of us pretended to sit in Santa’s sleigh.
Some of us made Christmas trees.
Some of us drew and decorated Christmas baubles hanging from branches.
Some of us became human Christmas trees!
We were delighted to find some holly with its lovely red berries (we had a picture of holly in our advent calendar yesterday).

P1C Christmas Party

We all enjoyed our party this afternoon. We played games in the classroom then we went outside for some outdoor play. When we came in from the playground we were delighted to find that Mrs Tariq had set out all of our party food nicely for us. We enjoyed listening to Christmas songs while we ate.

A Parliament of Owls

We were learning about owls last week so P1C decided to make some clay owls. We had to let the clay dry over the weekend, then we painted them to finish them off. We hope you like them.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Last week we went for a walk and noticed many signs of Autumn. We were very impressed by the colours of the leaves, so this week we went over to the Meadows to collect fallen leaves. When we got back to school we sorted them into red, orange, yellow and green leaves, then we worked together to create a leaf rainbow.

The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen

This week P1C have been retelling the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have learned some Signalong signs to use with the story and we have all put super effort into learning them. A few of us have recorded very short videos to show you the signs, here they are…

LITTLE RED HEN: https://vimeo.com/463927752

FARM: https://vimeo.com/463961301

Lazy DOG: https://vimeo.com/463960368

Sleepy CAT: https://vimeo.com/463960567

Noisy DUCK: https://vimeo.com/463960854

SEEDS: https://vimeo.com/463961586

NOT I: https://vimeo.com/463961847

CUT: https://vimeo.com/463962236

WHEAT: https://vimeo.com/463962634

FLOUR: https://vimeo.com/463962634

BREAD: https://vimeo.com/463963226

EAT: https://vimeo.com/463963557

I WILL: https://vimeo.com/463963930

P1 Newsletter Aug-Oct 2020

P1 Newsletter Aug-Oct 2020

Primary 1 Parents and Carers

We are conscious that the start of this term has been very different this year, with many of you not having been inside the school building at all. Therefore our P1 newsletter is a bit different to that of the rest of the school as we have attempted to show you what the first few weeks have been like for your child by including photographs in a Sway presentation.

Please see below the curriculum powerpoint presentation where we explain how teach literacy and numeracy, and how you can support your child at home. 

We would like to thank you for you cooperation in working with us to make this the very best possible start of the children. 

Ms Anstruther and the P1 team

Primary 1 Newsletter
September 2020
Go to this Sway


In today’s PE lesson we tried some skipping. Everyone had great fun and discovered that even though something seems impossible, a bit of practice can help us get the hang of it.

Bear Week 2

This week we have enjoyed more bear themed activities.

In literacy we have done some story creating by changing parts of the bear hunt story. Firstly we worked as a whole class to alter the entire story, then each of us did a change of our own.

We have also looked at the Everywhere Bear story and have created art work to create new adventures for the Everywhere Bear.

To complete our bear topic we all made bear paw biscuits and enjoyed eating them together in our classes.

Bear Week 1

The children have been amazing – they have all coped SO well with the new routines of the school day. After everything that has happened this year, it is wonderful to see how quickly they have settled in school.

Our learning this week has been related to the the Michael Rosen story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We have all learned Signalong signs for the story, we have created story maps that we can refer to when we retell the story and we have had opportunities to choose which bear activities we would like to complete. The last of the pictures below is the story map from P1C’s classroom – perhaps your child will tell you the story using that picture?

Welcome to P1!

Welcome to P1!

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 13.06.40

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 13.06.48

index Welcome To Sciennes Primary School – Slideshow

Primary One Transiton 2020/21

We are looking forward to welcoming all new P1 pupils to Sciennes Primary School in session 2020/ 21. Your child would normally have started their transition into Sciennes Primary School this term. However, due to the current restrictions our transition has had to be altered.

In Edinburgh, all Early Years settings and primary schools are working together on a joint project using Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ organised by The City of Edinburgh Council Early Years Team. This means that no matter what nursery they are enrolled in, or what primary school they move into, all children will be familiar with the same story and will have a shared experience.

Please look at the website http://www.bearhuntedinburgh.wordpress.com for ideas that you can use with your child to help them feel positive about the move into school.

Share your pictures from your Bear Hunt adventures on Twitter #BearHuntEdin and tag @SciennesPS

Please look out for a welcome pack which will be sent to your home address with information about school and P1 classes. Look for updates here for dates and times for starting school.

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Getting Ready for Starting school

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 WELCOME Pack 2020

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32Parent Council Letter to P1 Parents

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32P1 Transition – Bear Hunt

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 CEC Parent/Carer Letter 07 05 2020

Ms Carolyn Anstruther DHT P1-3



Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Mrs Lake P1A

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Miss Rogerson P1B

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Mrs Barker P1C

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